Audible 2 The Morning IS Coming!


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Audible 2  “The Morning IS Coming!”

This is a chronological, sequential narration of God’s word
Copyright FIWL, 2009, All Rights Reserved, but permission to use is granted when no changes are made the this copyright is preserved. 

The Morning is Coming PART 1


The Morning is Coming PART 2

The Morning is Coming PART 3

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Audible 2 
Morning IS Coming!


Audible Topic: God Created Our World in Six Days.
Scripture: Genesis 1:1-25; 2:4-6; Exodus 20:11; Job 9:8-9, Psalm 104:2, 
Isaiah 40:21-22, 44:24, 45:11-12, 51:12-13; Jeremiah 10:11-12, 51:15; 
Ezekiel 28:12-19; Zechariah 12:1.

[Note: As you give these Audibles, you may want to illustrate the things God has created. For instance, when talking about the sky, point to it and how huge the space is. When you talk about creating the vegetation, show them a flower and how detailed and intricate it is. Talk about the trees that they are familiar with. When you talk about the sun and the moon, talk about how they appear in the place where you are narrating. When you get to the 5th day, talk about the variety of birds and fish and how they look. Do the same about the animals of the 6th day. Explain God’s creation so that they understand how amazing the Creator is.]
HIStory in Brief: Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s always darkest just before the dawn?” Have you ever waited and waited for the sun to come up, and thought it would “never” arrive? Let me tell you the true story in which there were seven evenings but whose seventh morning we’re still waiting to come. In this way, we will say, “It’s darkest just before dawn.” You will want to track this down carefully.

Remember Audible 1, “Mystery?” We saw the angels in the beginning all in awe as God created the universe. The angels filled the heavens of their world, watching and joyously singing as God then created our very different world.

We weren’t there, so we don’t know exactly what the angels were thinking and talking about, but we can imagine they said something like the the thoughts we would have had if we had been there. So, sit back and let me tell you this story from as much of God’s word as we have on this subject. 

My mind’s eye can just see them. As they hovered in their heavenly world their attentions were drawn to an empty space directly before their faces. Some of the angels might not have been paying too much attention until that empty space grew very large and dark before their eyes. Then no one could help but hush and watch. Something was being created right before their very eyes, and it was like looking into something very, very deep and black like the mouth of a cave opening to swallow them up. The sight was captivating and drew the angels inside. They were staring into something they had never seen and which had never existed before. God was creating an entirely different dimension and world from theirs out of absolutely nothing.

We are not exactly sure what happened first or if it all happened at once, but suddenly they saw the creation of something in all that blackness like a huge spherical blob. It materialized out of nothing, again, right before their eyes in this space that they kept staring into.

“Look! There is something very special about this world that God is creating. Look how His spirit continues to hover over the waters. I can only wonder what He is doing, but it must mean something very grand. And yet all I see is a blob, just . . . just a lot of empty water. There’s nothing in it, right?” 

He continued, “I wonder how long God’s spirit will hover over the waters? Oh, wow! Did you see that? Now it’s beginning to spin and is shaping up like a huge ball. I wonder what this is all about? I don’t see how this is supposed to be so important to us,” the leader said. 

“I don’t either,” answered another angel, “Because it’s like it isn’t really there. I think if I were to fly into that world, I would fly right through it, because it’s not like our world. It’s like . . . foam and air, isn’t it, like nothing?”

“But look at all that water. God turned that blob into a huge ball of water!” The leader noticed. 

“A very lot of water, very dark, empty water,” another angel joined in. 

“But it still looks kind of shaky to me,” another said. 

“Yes,” said the leader, “it is kind of like smoke or really not there, but you can’t deny how big it is getting and that a substance or material is coming into existence. God is creating it just like He created us . . . out of nothing, but its in another dimension. Our dimension is like a solid one and that dimension is more like a vapor. Still, you can’t say that we are ‘nothing,’ so God is creating something that will be of substance in that world.”

They could see everything that was happening, but our world was ghost like or shadowy to them, as though it weren’t real. As they continued to watch, they noticed the space in which the earth hung just kept receding further and further away from the earth with all it’s great vastness. They wondered and talked about that too. Then the leader spoke again:

“Is there anything else in all that space? I’m not sure it’s completely empty, because why would that planet need so much space to itself? If you look carefully, can’t you see something way, way over there in the center of all that space,” he asked, pointing. “Is it just my eyes or is something like a mass of material over there? Can you see that?”

“You’re right. There is something there. It’s moving! I don’t see it very well, but there is definitely something there and . . . and it’s coming closer.” Another said.


“Hush everyone! God is going to speak!” The leader suddenly commanded.


There it was. 

“Wooh!” The angels said in unison. “It’s . . . it’s kind of glowing, and you were right about something moving towards us very rapidly.”

“Yes! I know what you mean,” the leader agreed. “But quiet! He’s going to say something more.”


By God’s voice and spirit alone, the angels saw, heard and watched in hushed tones as God had created the heavens and the earth and had created light which He called “day” while the darkness He called “night.” When the evening and morning had come, which was the first day, the leader enjoined all the angels to sing to God in a mighty chorus, and they sure did!
The angels knew this was very important to God so they sang another anthem of praise to Him and wondered what the second day would be like. 

On the second day, the angels eagerly took their places as God again, by His word separated the water. They watched as some of it became like a dark mist or a fog suspended above the glowing waters and God called that space above, “the sky.” The angels must have wondered and speculated between themselves what all this was to be. All of its properties were very, very different from anything they had ever known or seen, and all that water must play some very important part. So, again, there was an evening when the angels in chorus sang their praises to God, and then the morning came.

On the third day, the angels really didn’t need to crowd to get closer to this world of ours to see exactly what God would do next, but each one of them was far more interested than before. Some were already singing in anticipation of a great day, and others excitedly inquired of what their friends thought. 

“Okay, everyone,” commanded the leading angel, “God is going to speak! Let’s see what happens.” 


They witnessed with their eyes that this matter, called the land, came up out of all the water and they noticed the land had lakes, some mountains, and there were streams and rivers. Angels chattered excitedly about all of it. (Let me quickly say that we don’t know what the earth looked like then. It must have been much more beautiful before sin and corruption entered the world, but even now it is very beautiful. We think that the land was pretty much one continent all the way around the globe, and that it split up during the age of “Pangaea” which will be told inStory 5. (The video is wrong by saying Story 7), you won’t want to miss how that happened! Anyhow, my pictures are of the earth now. Perhaps for later editions someone will draw betters pictures than we have now.)

Once again the leading angel said, “Listen! He’s going to say something more. Watch.”


Before their very eyes, this is exactly what happened. One moment before the dry earth was all very dark brown and the next moment it was sprouting a dark green vegetation, and there were trees, vegetables, blossoms and flowers in all kinds of dark colors. Chatter erupted when the angels witnessed what had just happened. 

“Just look at all the dark green vegetation. God has made it all from the earth He had already created. Amazing!” the leading angel said.”

Praises filled all of heaven, and God noted with His own approval how perfect it all was, and the angels continually praised Him. And my, how the angels did sing and glorify God! There was an evening and then the morning.
On the fourth day, God did something so amazing we wish we could interview an angel to get his account of what he witnessed. We don’t know if they knew what  God was going to do or not. If they didn’t know what God was going to do it wouldn’t have dawned on them that the plants couldn’t live without a sun. No sun had yet been made, and the plants require that special light to enable them to live and grow. At the same time, if they did know what He was going to do, they couldn’t have imagined what it would all look like. So many spectacular things happened on this day and we can hardly imagine the grandeur of it all, but God’s word tells us exactly what God said on the morning of the fourth day. Listen as I try to describe the scene from the little information we have.
Breathless, the angels gathered in the luminous quiet with the earth before them and waited for God’s word. They saw that from the first day, the heavens, earth and light which God had created was all still there. And they saw that from the second and third days all the land, plants and seas which God had made from the earth was also still there. Everything was very much in order. From their vantage point they could see our earth was now completely swallowed up by the space in which it hung. No longer could they see any edges of the space and could only imagine that it must be continuing to accelerate outward. From their point of view, they noticed that the earth was shifting to one side and a new location in space took up their attention. 

“This is interesting. I wonder why our attention’s are being directed to the center of this space, because there’s nothing like the earth here.” One angel asked and noted.

“Me too,” another agreed. “In fact,” he went on, “it’s quite empty.” 

“Well, I just calculated that the earth has moved ninety-three million miles (93,000,000 or 150,000,000 one hundred fifty million kilometers), away from the empty point we are observing right now.”

“I can’t wait to see what’s next,” said their leader. “Okay, He’s about to say something. Watch!”

God’s word has recorded perfectly what God said, and every one of us listening to this story right now knows how true His words are, because God said:


From much, much further in space, beyond their present view, and from where the leading angel had first noticed a mass of created material, and from where light had first come, we can imagine the angelic comments. 

“That stuff that was moving toward us is here! Look at this! God is marshaling everything into its own place. This is marvelous!” 

“Yes, and you can see how all the stars are taking up their places within solar systems and then those solar systems are inside of galaxies. This is amazing!” Said the scientifically minded angel, and he continued: “I’m sorry, fellas, I cannot calculate how many billions of galaxies there are here, but there’s a bunch!” 

The leader said, “I too was amazed as I saw the canopy of space stretched out over our heads. Did you see that? If you blinked you missed it!” 

“That’s right!” the scientifically one said again. “God made all those stars, moons and planets from the stuff He had already created way, way over there. 

God’s word tells us that he made our sun, moon and stars out of the matter that He had already created.  There was instantly something like a stretching of the entire universe and in the next moment it had become like the canopy of a tent over the entire universe, and TIME began. And in this stretching God was busy making stars, moons and planets out of the distant mass which he had created earlier.  He marshaled all the stars of the universe and fixed their places in space. He hurled them into their own systems and galaxies with which He made the constellations in the night sky. Instantly, all over the heavens the many dark balls of matter hurling and swirling through out the universe all either switched on like lights or were bathed in the light from the stars that were their suns. There were suns and galaxies . . . everywhere. One of those stars he caused to become a light for the earth at about the ninety-three million mile mark where the angel’s attentions had been drawn. Our sun dazzled the angels more than a welder’s arc. Then the angels gasped and then roared in delight when they saw what the sun had done to the earth. They could now see more clearly the intricate beauty and colors that God had created. Our world was becoming a very attractive place with all the lights turned on.

“I am stunned by the appearance of those things, just look at them,” the leader said. 

Again, the angel that was interested in the science of what all was taking place said, 
“Look at that parade of planets lining up in front of the sun. I have just calculated that it would take over one hundred earths to just span the width of the sun. In fact, listen to this,” he said laughing joyously. “The sun is one million two hundred thousand times BIGGER than the earth!   

Then their leader said, “Why, if it gets too close to the earth it would burn up those plants that God made on the third day, but now I see that if it was any further away, those same plants wouldn’t live. How awesome is our God! Let us give him our songs!” 

With that he led them in so many songs of praise. Our world was truly becoming substantively valuable. 

“Now, see this for yourself,” shouted the scientifically-minded angel, “Earth is the third planet from the sun and has an orbit around the sun different than any of the other planets. They won’t be bumping into each other.”

“You know what gets me,” said their leader, “in all of the suns, moons and stars that God has made, there is none like the earth. That must be because it was created, but the sun, stars and moon, were made out of the substances that God first created. I must think about all of this. How wonderful is all of this!”

Their attention to the earth, and what God was doing that was so different everywhere else, greatly interested them. The earth’s solar system was only a minuscule part of the Milky Way Galaxy in which it spun. 

And there were billions upon billions of other galaxies, solar systems, planets and moons. They saw them all and saw that everything obtained it’s own order and systems of things. Other suns burned hot and bright in their own order and system of things, and they filled the whole accelerating, expanding universe into dizzying reaches. 
Our moon instantly began circling the earth and at night reflected the light from the sun causing a difference between the bright light of the day and the lesser light at night, just like God had spoken. 
The scientific angels noted something else from all of this: 

“Have you noticed how in several far reaches of this universe that there are new suns or stars constantly being born! Of course, the universe is still expanding rapidly.”

Then as to redirect their attentions, their view point shifted dramatically to the earth. 

A song they knew was perfect for that moment and their voices blended so harmonically as they just surveyed the blue earth and the planet God is so interested in and had created. As they sang they could only wonder why God had made it all, why He had made it so beautiful, why it was a completely different world from their own, in a new dimension, and noted with soaring hearts how the moon had taken up it’s appointed place to circle the earth and control the tides for times and seasons. And the earth itself was fixed to enjoy the different seasons of the year.
And so, they sang more beautifully than before. 

Finally, the scientist amongst them had the last word: 

“This is still a very fragile place. As fragile as those delicate flowers. It will have to be gently cared for and yet it will praise God for all of its TIME to come.” 

Why had God made it? How was it to be used to honor, praise and to glorify Him? 

So, by God’s word, the heavens and the earth had all first been created. So also was the light created. Then, by his word he made the planets, moon, stars, systems and galaxies to filled the vastness of the space that He had created. But none of them are as beautiful and splendid as is the earth, and God saw that it was all very, very good. So, there was an evening and the morning of the fourth day.
The angel’s questions as to how all of this was going to glorify God only just started to be answered. On the fifth day, again in hushed silence for God’s word, they heard Him say, 


“Wow! These creatures in the seas are so utterly different from ourselves, and even more in kinds than we are. Same with the birds!” Shouted all the angels with glee.”

They laughed in praise at some of the sights of these creatures. They were so interesting they couldn’t help but express their many jubilant opinions and insights. Each of the birds were so beautiful and they could fly through their sky, but differently than the angels did in their own heavens. And yet, some of the birds couldn’t fly at all. What an awesome and interesting sight this world was all becoming. 
So, the evening, again, became morning of the fifth day. The strange fish and birds of the fifth day, were nothing compared to when God said, 


“My! What magnificent land dwelling animals. Some so large, others of medium size, and others so small. Look at those!” One of them said to another. “They are so cute!”

They marveled amongst themselves, especially when comparing some of the larger and even terrible looking animals. 

And they saw the tiniest of kinds of creatures, the kinds only their eyes could see that ours still cannot see without special ocular equipment, they just couldn’t help magnifying the Lord, adoring Him and they all fell and worshiped Him. The angels noticed how all of these animals which walked or crawled, and the birds which hopped and flew, and the fishes which swam and some which were actually mammals and breathed air, had all been made of the earth itself by God’s word. They walked or crawled, and as before, they were ready to reproduce after their own kinds when the angels heard God say, 


The angels noted with pleasure that all the animals which God had made were instantly obedient to His command to be fruitful and grow in number, and God saw all that He had created was, very, very good. 
God continued His creative work on that sixth day, but we’re going to stop here for now. All that God had created was good, perfect and He was preparing the world for the rest of His creation that same sixth day. Do you want to hear what else He created? Come back for the next story and we’ll continue for we still have to tell about the morning that is coming.

Narrator: To help you prepare well, answer the following and fill out the blank spaces.      

The attributes of God I saw in this story are:
Stress these things when you tell this Story.

After giving this Audible, ask these questions. For this online edition, drag your mouse across the parentheses marks or TRIPLE CLICK to expose the proper answers:

1. If a carpenter decides to build a table, he’ll first go to a class to learn how to build furniture. What did God do to learn how to create the heavens and the earth?



(God didn’t go anywhere to learn to create. God knows everything without being taught.)
2. If a carpenter builds a table, what does he use?
He uses boards, a plane, a saw, screwdriver, screws, etc.)
3. What did God use to create all these things He made?
God didn’t use a single thing. He created by speaking a word.)
4. Since God spoke the heavens and the earth into being out of absolutely nothing, and since He made everything else of the material He created, what does that tell us about the nature of our universe, our sun, our planet and all the other heavenly bodies and all the things that God created and those things He also made on the earth from the earth? 
 (It tells us that the things which seem to be so solid to us are more like a vapor to God and the angels in their spirit world. It gives a hint that our world won’t last. In fact scientists admit our sun, upon which we depend for our earthly lives, cannot last forever, but will eventually burn out. And God’s word tells us that the earth and the whole universe will be burned up with everything in it, one day certain.)
5.  Name the things that God created during the six days of creation.
Water, light, the sky, dry land, the sun, moon and stars, plants and trees, fish and birds, and animals. And one more thing we’ll hear about in Story 3.)
6. God created all these things. What does this tell us about God?
It tells us that God is the one and only, most important One. He is all powerful; everything comes from Him; God rules over everything.)
7. What did God say about His creation?
e said it was good.  It was perfect!)
8. If everything God made was good, what does that say about God’s character? 
It says that God is totally good. There is no bad or evil in Him. He is absolutely holy.)
9. In the Audible, how many mornings did God’s word record for us?
 (Six of them, even though the sixth one isn’t yet mentioned. Some things were created on that day and we’re waiting for the rest of that day to be told to us.)
10. What happened to the seventh morning? 
 (We’re still waiting for it. It must have some interesting aspect we cannot imagine just now, but keep listening to these stories and find out when that morning arrived. You won’t want to miss it!

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