Tell HIStory! Tell the Greatest Story Ever Told!

Tell HIStory is an Audible, chronological and sequential, building to the ultimate climax of the very last moment in future human history.

God’s history past is completely irrefutable in that He dealt with a relativley small nation of people through whom He promised to bless the whole world. No other history of such a small, obscure people has ever been so carefully checked, hashed and rehashed. Archaeology strongly affirms Biblical historical events. Extra Biblical histories acknowledge details that are well known. The Audibles are compelling to all that hear them, because they are true and ring with awesome hope. The overall plan and message of God to man is so interesting, even the skeptics are intrigued to the point of distraction in trying to explain it all away.

God’s word is sixty to seventy-five percent narrative (depeding on definition), fifteen to thirty percent poetry (“Song of Solomon,” etc.,  is narrative), and only ten percent expositive. The world has largely concentrated on the expositive method of teaching God’s word. But the Biblically approved method of narration through Audibles is making giant strides in the world today. Who doesn’t like a good story? Who doesn’t like to tell a good story? This is a viral method of telling the world the greatest story that was ever told. The best news anyone ever heard is in these stories. See underneath the close, below.

Enjoy them, and use them as long as you preserve the copyright and do not make any changes without the author’s permission. These Audibles are to be absolutely Biblically accurate and suitable for children to Bible scholars. 

WARNING! These videos are hosted by “YouTube.” Only the videos shown ON THIS PAGE BELOW are authorized from FIWL. 

Don Wood
Copyright (c) 2008-2009
From India With Love (fiwl)
Tree of Life Productions (currently no funding exists to have our own web site, but we have secured the domain name.) 

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Audible 1 Mystery!  (God Creates the Spirit World)

Audible 2  The Morning IS Coming!   (God Creates the Heavens and the Earth in Six Days)

Audible 3  Joy Turns Into a Dilemma!  (Adam & Eve)

Audible 4   Murder and Mayhem!  (Cain & Abel)

Audible  5   Limits Exceeded & Justice Must be Executed!  (Noah)

Audible  6   Tower Committee!  (The Tower of Babel)

Audible  7   The Angel of the Lord Appears!  (Abraham)

Audible  8   Kept Promises to Abraham & Sarah!

Audible  9   Deceit, Trickery & Deception! (Jacob & Esau)

Audible  10   One Boy Saves Seventy from Starvation!  (Joseph)

Audible  11   Raising a Leader Out of the Nile!   (Moses)

Audible  12   God Proves His Existence to Egypt!   

Audible  13   Escape From Slavery!

Audible  14   Fire, Water, Smoke & Mirrors!  (Golden Calf)

Audible  15   God Pitches His Tent!   (The Tabernacle)

Audible  16   Strange Fire!   (Nadab & Abihu)

Audible  17   Spies and Conspiracy!   (Joshua & Caleb)

Audible  18   Paradise Lost!   (Forty Years of Wandering)

Audible  19   A New Generation Takes Over!  (Period of the Judges)

Audible  20   Sacrifice Ends in Slaughter!  (Samuel)

Audible  21   A Pair of Milk Cows Tie One On!  (Capture of the Ark of the Covenant)

Audible  22   Kings and Kingdoms of Men!  (Division of Israel & Judah)

Audible  23   Why Uzza!   

Audible  24   Battle of the Gods!   (Elijah)

Audible  25 . . . .  through 50, etc. Most of the stories are written but only those with a link have been captured on video or sound.


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  1. Alma Says:

    Thanks Do. This sounds very good. Since I have the slow dail up internet, videos don’t do too well. How else could I veiw these or maybe purchase them on a cd? Alma

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