Cary — Bear

Cary left his impoverished home, not because his parents didn’t love him, but because they love him very much. They simply could not provide the things their poor little boy needed.

You will watch as Cary comes anxiously skipping to us on June 9, 2004. He knew almost no English, was regularly running away from school … and as you will see … was literally a bag of bones. He needed food desperately.

I told our house mother, “Feed him, feed him, feed him!” You will see him on the first night, and the transformation after only thirty days, and then after ninety days when he took his own portrait with my digital camera. And now you will see what he’s turned out to be as a fifteen year old with dreams to become an air line pilot. We are currently looking for sponsors to take him to the the States to get his private pilot’s license and beyond. One elderly man has come forward who will help him both with the training and a place to stay. He is a pilot and gave Cary a model airplane which Cary loved building which you will see in the video. Cary would really have a leg up on the young men of India if we do this, because India doesn’t allow them to train until they are twenty-one. However, India does recognize the licensing from western countries. He could actually solo in America at age sixteen. The elderly man in Washington willing to help soloed on his own sixteenth birthday and is happy to help Cary along.

Perhaps because of such a hard life, Cary’s a serious boy and thinks about sophisticated things all the time. He loves math and wants to build a remote controlled airplane. There is hardly anything like that here in India.

He and his parents visit each other regularly. Cary is now mature and responsible enough to ride the Bombay (Mumbai) trains and buses all by himself to go visiting.

Its amazing what just a few things like food, shelter, eye glasses and dental braces did for one little, pitiful, wasted boy in one of Bombay’s many slums. You will see what he has become in the video below. We believe Cary can become anything he wants to be, go where ever he wants to go, and do whatever he wants to do.

Cary is the proof that children are the same all over the world, no different than your own, and when given the opportunity, they excel just like any other child. The major differences in Cary’s life is that there is no stigma of caste, poverty or education haunting his future, AND he speaks English like an American. It’s an interesting point because the International air lines are requiring the pilots to speak better American English. Hmmm.

Pray for his future! Enjoy Cary’s story and pray for the next chapter in his life.

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One Response to “Cary — Bear”

  1. Alexis - Chickie Momma Says:

    Just popping in to see if there’s any new NEWS around here. I’m not sure why it took me a MONTH to get your PM on BYC, but I suppose today was the day to read it! That’s so cool that you used to live in the area!

    In answer to your question about my kids & the bike accident… things are going remarkably well. God has carried them through it, and left virtually no trace of unresolved fear or anxiety. Thanks for reading my blogs, I was so tickled to hear that you read them. Keep in touch.


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