The Audible!

What is an “Audible” and how does it work? 

An audible is perhaps the oldest thing known to man, but it’s one of the least understood. It’s kind of like your heart beating. It’s pounding in our chest’s but we don’t usually hear it. This short paper will attempt to explain the audible and how important it is to our lives. And because it is an unknown subject in the church I’m required to give a short background.

Premise: HIS story is absolutely true, is HIS inspired attempt to woo and win us away from the devil’s siren song and to reveal HIS nature and will to us. When HIS story is heard it becomes a personal experience which creates a biblical worldview. A Bible view against any other view.
Proof: One of my majors in university prompted me to write a thesis which, with permission, I turned into four different classes for a grade. It was a prediction for the open acceptance of homosexuality clear back in the  mid 1960’s. In that era, everyone thought I was crazy because world society generally castigated homosexuality.   The behavior was utterly unacceptable everywhere.

The defining moment for western civilization came by the end of the decade, June 28, 1969, when homosexuality reared its public head. Some turn of the 21st Century legislatures began codifying “same sex” marriages with dictionaries including “same sex” within the definition of “marriage.” The hind-sight point of my thesis, today, of how homosexual behavior became acceptable as merely an alternative lifestyle in only a few years, renders visible the  method of how we, in just a few years, will attain our GOAL to reach One Billion Three Hundred Million souls for Christ in the Indian sub-continent of Asia before the year 2020. We have a scheduled plan and are on target working that plan.

American football players sometimes leave their huddle with a game plan in all the players heads, assemble at the line, ready for the hike of the ball, but the quarterback seeing something in the defensive position he doesn’t like, immediately calls “an audible!” He changes the entire play, and he does it just before the action.  Restoration of the Lord’s body required calling an audible just as his word requires that we heed the Lord’s call and return to every part of God’s word . . . including the audible. His Word’s “game plan” is perfect.
Is it possible that we are currently only using a small portion of HIS entire plan and power? I invite your scrutiny and candid comments. 

The quarterback’s playview is likened to our worldview. We all have a worldview whether we know it or not, and it affects every waking moment at our own personal line of scrimmage. I will explain how we get our own audibles, and how an audible will affect salvation. We often call audibles to do something different than what we planned on doing. AND our “experiences” with the Lord will determine whether the audibles we are calling come from a biblical worldview or not. 

What do we mean by biblical worldview? Simply this: a Bible view of everything against all other possible views. The Barna Group has concluded a survey in which they found that “less than 1% of young adults hold a biblical worldview.” Their definition for a biblical worldview is:

. . . believing that absolute moral truth exists; the Bible is completely accurate in all of the principles it teaches; Satan is considered to be a real being or force, not merely symbolic; a person cannot earn their way into Heaven by trying to be good or do good works; Jesus Christ lived a sinless life on earth; and God is the all-knowing, all-powerful creator of the world who still rules the universe today.

In my college thesis about homosexuality becoming accepted, I prognosticated how the use of a certain word by the male society in general would eventually have to reap its peculiar harvest. And it did! It changed world history! 

The use of that word created many “experiences” which became the new worldview accepting homosexuality as merely an alternative lifestyle. Only the word of God can build experiences with the Lord and thus build a biblical worldview! (Romans 10:17). But there are three methods of doing so, with one of them shining far brighter than the other two. It is also the most effective, as we shall show, and works in the least possible time. 

I will only say this about the “how and why” (the science observed), of my college thesis: That ONE “word” and it’s usage not only contributed to but changed world history in a fraction of time, but it was at the time I wrote, always used in the negative. It was always related to something bad, messed up, in need of repair, not fitting, wrongly made, ready to be trashed, etc. Today, the same word is used in the positive by the people who have embraced homosexuality as an alternative life style.
My thesis presented only one picture in it. It was an old wood cut image printed in a publication in which I found it. The image was a strange one for any time before the mid 1970’s, and might have been used in posters or newspapers during, near or about the Puritan Age in America. As such it may have been a modern duplicate, but someone went to a lot of trouble at the time to pictorially show a man held within an old fashioned wooden stock, at a city or village center, with a sign of his crime under his head. In the picture only the abbreviated letters followed by periods punctuated Fornication Unlawful Carnal Knowledge appeared in the sign, and the villagers were throwing rotten vegetables at him. 

Entomological research of the “word,” today, strains to say that it came from Germany and was never an acronym. I cannot believe the latter, because my research in the 1960’s found it used in exactly the format I have described which speaks louder than modern revisionism. I believe it‘s generally a rougher world today today than when I wrote, as there is almost zero media desire to either be accurate or to expose the fact that homosexuality is not “gay.”  Sadly, even the word, “gay,” supports my thesis as it was totally changed in meaning during my early adult life. It used to mean “excitedly happy!”

About ten years ago I was trying to explain these things to a church class where I lived in Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles. I said, “I’m a very gay man, but I’ve never been a homosexual.” The evangelist’s wife asked her husband what I meant since she only understood the word “gay” to mean homosexual instead of “excitedly happy.” (I will never use that phrase again.) And only a few days ago, my son, Cary, (16 years old), asked me as our bus passed two donkeys on the road, “Dad, how did the bible word “ass” come to mean something so dirty?” I hadn’t thought about it before, but the same thing happened to that Elizabethan (Bible) word as to “gay.” 

These points reflect the effectiveness as to the audible method I want to share with you. However, the most intriguing part of what I’m writing about today, is that the READER may TEST the audible method to witness what he gets out of it. We are requesting comments. 

The Audible

The church is at the line of skirmish and presented with a dilemma. It will always be the enemy positioning things so that we’ll be more likely to sin or less likely to have a biblical worldview. The audible will ring either in our mind or ears to obey the Lord or sinfully permit the lust of our eyes, flesh or the boastful pride of life, 1John 2:16. The audible may even allow sinful behavior in Christians because of a syncretic* worldview that we are not even aware of. Nevertheless, audibles can be called to remove the temptation and with only a few trials will prove themselves very effective! If the audible is silent, we can tell you its effectiveness is reduced to only about 10% of the 85% value it could have!  [* Syn.cre.tismThe combination or reconciling of differing beliefs or practices of religion.]

The western church is in trouble. Who can doubt itIt‘s shrinking and fracturing rather than growing. Syncretism is at an all time high. Atheism[Pages 34-35 of all things, is growing rapidly amongst our youth in just the last few years.  Is it time we called an audible for the method the Lord revealed to us that we’re ignoring? 

It could be helpful as I explain this to recall a movie made years ago, The Karate Kid,” staring Pat Morita as the mentor and Ralph Macchio as the boy. The boy couldn’t figure out why he was simply doing a lot of chores for his mentor when all he wanted to do was learn karate to defend himself against a bunch of hoodlums. But, his mentor insisted that he polish his car with a special circular motion saying the words, “wax on, wax off.” The boy repeated the exercises out of sense of hope which became the climax of the film. 
Dr. Maxwell Maltz’s book, “Psycho Cybernetics” (1960, Prentice-Hall), proved this point to a fine science and as a result is being commercialized today. I have used it repeatedly throughout my  adult life. I am using it again for Tell HIStory!* If I have learned one thing more than any other about this method, it is that the more audible we make our audibles, the more powerful they are on us. Reading silently versus speaking the same words aloud is almost like the difference between night and day! [* Tell HIStory! chronological, sequential audibles from God’s word.]
My statistical measures are based upon many major experiences and only one of purest, unquestionable fact. The latter one of fact is that the bible is 60-75% narrative (depending on poetical definition). The question is axiomatic at the point of that realization; why are we using the 10% method of expository teaching and preaching almost 100% of the time? The other 15 – 30% is poetry, but much of that is narration, to wit: The Song of Solomon. 

Our research has collected evidence that narration is the most powerful element there is for getting any message across whether it‘s Hinduism, Buddhism, Socialism, Nazism, Communism or . . . . 

We have found that you can put a Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist and any brand of “Christian” in the same room and at the same time and audibly deliver the narrations of God’s word, without confrontation! Expositive teaching requires a literate audience and the more literate, the more the confrontation. The way most people in times past have gone into the world is this; They found the people, learned their language, then taught them how to read and write it, and FINALLY taught them the word of God. As a result of this type of teaching, the world is dying without the good news simply due to a population explosion. Contrariwise, audible teachers are quickly proclaiming the gospel to those who would die before we could otherwise get literature into their hands which they could read and make sense of. The world will continue to live wasted lives if we don’t call an audible to use God’s approved narration instead of his lesser valued exposition.

I need to remind the reader of the facts, because they are crucial to understanding what I’m proposing: God’s word IS mostly narrative. THAT is all the “approved biblical example” any of us should require. So, I ask again, why are we only expositively preaching it? I do not demean the expositive method, but I DO believe our practice of sola exposition has already given us the evidence as to why young people are fleeing into the mindless past. It is probably due to TV being another audible (even fabricating the mental images, pictures the mind creates through the audible), and no doubt they are more attuned to the audible rather than exposition, ergo “boring” teaching. The concerned reader needs to understand why the youth today are turning to atheism — of all things!  [ pages 34-35.Chronological, sequential audibles of God’s word for our churches in the collective west has never been more needful.
At long last, Genesis 9:7 has been fulfilled. The obvious purpose of that fulfillment is that God should receive glory. Consequently, we are convinced that 6/10th’s of the world’s population in Asia is not to be wasted on the devil and will bring Glory to God. In so doing India will have to send thousands of missionaries to the west. We’ve become convinced that the Lord will win India to Christ before the year 2020. Asia will be right on the heels of India, and after the whole world is stunned by these happenings and turns to look at what India did to prove God’s glory, the whole earth WILL take notice of her audible which won more souls to Christ than have collectively been won since Pentecost AD 33, prox.

I’m prognosticating after the year 2020, America will have another chance of obeying the gospel again. (We have undisputedly lost our Republic.) But, and I say this carefully, India is currently finishing, restoring the Lord’s church, taking up where the west left off. If you want more information on this I would suggest you read Frank Viola’s book, “Pagan Christianity?” It‘s thrilling to see others catching the vision of a restored church and picking up where we left off due to our own syncretism. God’s audibles need to correct the errors both the churches of Christ and the Frank Viola’s are making. Tell HIStory is the proper way to do this and we are utterly convinced of that because the audibles create “experiences” and thus a biblical worldview.

Resolved to TEST

Because our goal, plan, presuppositions and commitments are all present and quantified, 
and because our method is the most powerful and APPROVED BIBLICAL EXAMPLE there is, and because it is winning India more rapidly than ever before, and because we believe “Elijah’s seven thousands” (1Ki 19:18) are alive and well in America and Europe and that the audibles will be heard by them in due time, and because we are losing the west for the very same reasons we are winning Asia, and because God commanded men to fill the world, and because the world population has reached world attention, 

WE RESOLVE to call the audibles of God’s word to bring Him glory in winning the world to Him!
As alluded above, the key is to getting biblical experiences into our worldviewsThe audible makes it easy! Firstly, my research showed nearly fifty years ago the essential value of the audiblethe sub-conscience mind has no rational capacity at all. It is a servo mechanismIt does not think. Period. No one disagrees with this. Let me explain:

The subconscious mind does not and cannot think. Here’s the proof of that statement. Have you ever had the experience of being burned when you touched something hot? Of course, you have. But did you ever have the experience of touching something that was very cold and instantly reacting as though it were hot? You may have. The point is that our response was automatic without thinking whether it was hot or cold. Processed thinking would work like this:

“Oh! My goodness! This is HOT I think I must remove my hand or be burned!” 

If that’s the way God had made us, we would all be scared from being repeatedly burnt. No! Our response is almost “mechanical.” It‘s without any thought whatsoever. The hand is withdrawn in a split second, automatically, isn’t it! THIS is that sub-conscious “servo-mechanism” at work. It does not require “thought.” When it is called upon to do its job, it protects us if it has been trained properly. And that’s exactly what the sub-conscious mind does. It protects us (or not) according to our worldview! So, if appropriately exposed to God’s word in the morals and spiritual departments, our subconscious will call the proper audible for our behavior when there’s a clearer, mandated biblical example woven deeply into our spiritual psyche. Audibly narrating the word of God to one another is the secret for Christ sweeping the world. 

Would you consider TESTING it? The results can be measured and easily seen. It‘s not just a theory of saying the bible is mostly narration. That is a fact, and just as factually, ANYONE may TEST the effectiveness of the audible method and a poll may be taken to determine effectiveness or not.

Upon contemplation, we can clearly see that a built-in worldview of being burnt was the experience that controlled our instantaneous reaction without having to think it through. Thinking comes either before or after the fact. The experiences we may have with God’s word are exactly on this same level when we hear God’s word audibly. Our sub-conscious minds do not rationalize the auditory “experiences” of God’s word as not being personally “real.” They literally become embedded as our own experiences! 

Think about God’s word being our own spiritual experiences, and I hope you will catch the vision of what we’re doing and what you could do about it in your own field. 

Do you see what this would mean to the churches in the west! Can you see why it would effect unity? We are experiencing unity already in India and are winning the lost to Christ much more quickly than in America. Right now, in our behavior, I think we should be thinking less about what divides us than what gets us saved. Instead of summits to discuss our differences, we should be summiting to audibles of God’s word. The biblical example means we should be narrating the whole chronological, sequential story to everyone we can, and to each other as much as we can, and THEN we can worry about bad doctrine. Ha! There won’t be any!

Unity in and amongst the denominational churches is happening here. Lines of division are blurring and vanishing. Why? Because we have ignored the problems and only narrated the biblical accounts. Men and women are coming privately to say they need to be immersed even before we get to that point! And I can tell you about “bad or divisive doctrine:” We just immersed a Buddhist lady with tears in her eyes because she came to know that her SINS could be wiped out! Baptists, Pentecostals and other denominations are wholly coming together and ignoring the differences we have in doctrine to OBEY the scriptures! For example, when they learn what a “pastor” or “elder” really is they quit calling themselves “pastors” when the term doesn’t fit, etc. 

Would YOU and/or the folks at your congregation be willing to TEST this on yourselves to see what happens, and then report back YOUR experiences?

Congregational tests should be conducted from a single class of those from age “6 to 60!” Seriously, this is the one class you can mix from age 6 to decrepit! The faster the audibles can be absorbed the greater the discipled effect. 

WE DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE A PROJECT OUT OF IT!!! It requires only the amount of time one devotes to God on a daily basis. We need to collect the data and you folks can help a lot by just letting us know what this does to you and your congregation’s worldview. You can help us to measure any syncretism you found fouling up your own walks with Christ. By the way, there isn’t one of us that doesn’t have some of that! Read Frank Viola.

It‘s simple: IF YOU WOULD, go to the following link and do the material OUT LOUD to yourselves with as much expression as you would give to any children were they to be listening. Your subconscious mind will never know the difference between what you say out loud and the experiences you will share with all our biblical brothers and sisters. Their experiences will actually become your own where the rubber of our religion meets the road of faith, Romans 10:17. Please ask each person that’s willing to do this, to do it one on one so we can have as many reports as we can get rather than only one. Don’t share your reports until you may all come together at the end to give us what you found. Where there is a husband and wife, do it separately rather than together. Get any children or grandchildren who might be there, each of you take one or more and do the testing OUT LOUD! 

Take each of the links that are presented inside and only read as much of them as you want. A Question & Answer of our ministry, the W5h (who, what, why, when, where & how) is presented at the very end of the foreword which is the very first link within this document . 


Notes: Research shows that America and Canada are equal in literacy measure. Both countries are said to have only 55% literacy, and Canada retested the facts three times before she was willing to accept such a low number. The people who judge these things put literacy into several categories. For instance, one man is dyslexic (so he claims. I think he just wasn’t taught phonics). He is very oralistic. But most of the younger people in America are considered illiterate because they prefer NOT to read. This is no doubt due to TV. If you look at their spelling mistakes, sentence structure in their writing, etc., you can see it clearly. AND now we have theability to just test orality on them with God’s word. The evidence so far is not very complete, but very, very exciting. The only trick will be to see whether or not churches will be willing to test it and report their data. We can help supply questions which can be asked anonymously before and afterthe TEST. Simple comparison of that data after the fact only need to be tallied. 

There is the East – West thing. You no doubt know the lengths to which Hebrew boys were put in having to orally memorize the books of the law, etc., and especially the prestige of a dad’s son being called by a Rabbi to “follow him,” instead of following his father’s profession. The reason, no doubt, the common fishermen, tax collector, etc., were so easily taken up by Jesus because he called them to “follow him.” A father was thrilled when his son was chosen to “follow” the Rabbi. But my point concerns the orality of what they learned. If you will test this you cannot help but learn what psychologists know (about the method), that the subconscious cannot separate the biblical experiences from our own servo mechanism’s acceptance of it to a world view, and thus our behavior, Romans 10:17. It’s the atheist’s dream of not having to have a god to shape social behavior, but they don’t have God’s word to do it with and thus what history proves is the same as what my thesis proved. 

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